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Sept 30, 2010 - Kitchen 5  Update

Pot Filler

Up-Down Cabinets on East Wall - 1

Up-Down Cabinets on East Wall- 2

Up-Down Cabinets on East Wall from Family Room

Up-Down Cabinets - View from Breakfast Table


Sept 30, 2010 - Kitchen 5  Update

Cabinet under bowl of apples could be a a trash bin location.
  Cabinet is 24" wide but only 18"deep.
It open on both sides to access the trash bin.

Glass Cabinets and Pendant Lights - 42"Bar

Glass Cabinets and Pendant Lights - 42"Bar

Glass Cabinets and Pendant Lights - 36"Bar

Sept 29, 2010 - Kitchen 5 

30" deep counters give large work area by fridge.

Shutters Closed

Shutters Open

Appliances Put Away

Appliances In Use

Appliances in Use
Counter by fridge (pass-thru area) is 30" deep and makes extra room for storage of appliances.
(The stacks of dishes include large dinner plates - 11.5")


Sept 29, 2010 - Kitchen 5 

High Bar & Low Bar Comparison:

36" Bar

42" Bar

36" Bar

42" Bar

36" Bar

42" Bar

Sept 29, 2010 - Kitchen 5 

The countertop by the fridge is 30" deep. This will make a standard fridge look more like a "built-in".

Each side of the pass-thru is a counter-top appliance garage, but since the counter top is deep,
you still have 18" of work space in front of them.

The counter-top above the corner Lazy Susan is also extra deep. Plenty of space for a toaster oven.

Microwave drawer below pass-thru.  Built in coffee-maker in corner above Lazy Susan.


Sept 27, 2010 - Kitchen 4 

The structural beam can be made to look like a feature...

In this kitchen I would seriously consider moving the dishwasher to the left of the sink so that you will have more room to walk around when it is open.  If it is at the right of the sink, the space in front of it is restricted. You would have to close the dishwasher drawer to take the dishes to the upper cabinets.  The oven door and the dishwasher drawers occupy the same space when both are open, that is considered a kitchen no-no.  Getting used to a left handed dishwasher is easier than getting used to bumping into it.

All posts are 6"x6" 
This plan would require a metal support pole boxed out.

Note, this one gives you a slightly bigger sink space and room for 4 stools.

This layout gives you plenty of room to get around the breakfast table.
I think the whole room would feel more open.

wooden island counter top

wooden island counter top

granite island counter top

Cabinet Layout


Sept 26, 2010 - Kitchen 3 
Corner Storage could be pantry. 
Storage in breakfast nook could then become a hutch...

I left out that end piece/panel connecting the island to the wall.  That space is not wide enough for standard traffic, but it might be nice to have it open? The only way to make that a standard 36 or 42 inch opening is to shrink the island.  Since the sink is in the island, that is not a good idea.  You need space on both sides of the sink. 

Island with dark wooden countertop (8x6 inch post)

If you end up not using that big post for a support, could you rip, plane, and join that big beam to make a island counter top?

Island with matching granite countertop (8x6 inch post)

(8x6 inch post) Rustic Shutter on Pass Through

Update 2- Sept 26, 2010 - Kitchen 2

Added Upper Cabinet to Kitchen 2 - Comparison Solid Post with Wrapped Post

Solid Post

Wrapped Post

Solid Post

Wrapped Post

Update 1- Sept 26, 2010 - Kitchen 2

9"x11" post installed per email Sept. 26, 2010

Double Oven with Warming Drawer & Drawer Microwave


Sept 25, 2010 - Kitchen 2

Advantages of Kitchen2:

 Less Expensive to build, Double Oven or Oven Microwave Combo,  Gas Cook top, Pots and Pans Drawer

Perfect "work triangle."  Easy access to fridge (do not have to walk around a center base cabinet.

No more "odd" look above hood at vaulted ceiling.  Utility chase at southeast corner of kitchen

Could put a garbage disposal in prep sink by dining room pass through.
 Clean off plates as they are set over from dining room table.

Longer sit down area.  Room for 4 stools.


You MIGHT be able to get a cool microwave drawer in the 30" base by the 15" prep sink..
it will be a tight squeeze for both  but it would be really convenient!

Not really double ovens... UNLESS you can fit that microwave drawer.

Toss-Up Items:

Missing one upper cabinet (but has a three other neat "triangle" shaped cabinets instead. 

Both kitchen plans have access to dead space along bar (in corner by north door)
I would put deep drawers in there

Happiness in a Kitchen:

I think almost ALL base cabinets should be full extension drawers. 
MUCH more function than an ordinary base.


Sept 25, 2010 - Kitchen 2 - Updated

9"x11" post installed per email Sept. 26, 2010

Double Oven with Warming Drawer & Drawer Microwave

Sept 25, 2010 - Kitchen 2










Sept 23, 2010 - Kitchen V1



Updated Measurements.. etc...
I put stone on the front slab, to match the stone on the upper wall, but if height is an issue, a person could have the concrete sealed and stained.  OR.. a tile?  Is there any exterior tile that is authentic to the time period?
(I tweaked the color a bit on the stone.  This stone has dark gray mortar.  But, just let me know, and I can put the other one back.)
It is hard to tell, but that is supposed to be stucco on the fireplace. 
I did a bit of research, and I think that the chimney is supposed to be 2ft higher than the height at the roof pitch, 10 ft away.  
The height of the chimney looks very similar to your house now. 
I like the contrast of the light stucco on the dark brick.  Match the stucco to your brick, and it will all tie together nicely.

Improved Attic Room

5/12 lower roof pitch with 32'2" main roof ridge


Preview Roof - This roof may be the only roof that gets all your wish list items.. even a skylight!

Sorry, porch post are not done... but the vertical wall reveal is back.  Vertical roof is in the shadows between the 6/12 roof and the upper roof.)

Notice anything different on the 3rd floor?  I think maybe you have 'media room' if you want.
This version has a 9ft flat ceiling in the Master Bath and Master Bedroom.

I think it just gets better and better!  Probably too many windows for a media room. 
Or... you could use blackout shades.
The skylight is not super big, but it fits over the stairwell nicely.  Western sun? The smoke colored glass will be important.
Sorry... have not done the 'dressing up' of the balcony support.  Soon! 
That is a 7/12 pitch roof over the balcony.  6/12 did not line up well by the gable end.

More new windows.  The south window might give you plenty light for the stairwell.  The tiny window is for the 'secret room.'

Front to Back

North to South

Back to Front

South to North

Preview Attic Room & Bonus Room with HVAC Closet


Update to Attic Room with Skylight

Door below the skylight leads to the new media/bonus/HVAC room.

West Window

South Window

I did not put a door into the 'secret room from this room, but you might need one for better access.

Update to Pink Loft with Secret Room Door

This layout made better use of storage behind the knee wall.

Kind of hard to see what is going on here. 
There is an opening in the side of the little closet. 
Gives access to the 'secret room' over the Master closet.. (Duck is hiding in the secret room.)
You will be able to see it better in the VRML and X2 plan.

Here is an alternate layout.  The closet would be partially covered up, but you get a better path around the little bed.

Stairs - 1 rail... Note on wall.  Thought you might like to play around with the amount of wall at the stairs.  Since the stairs are very touchy, use the soffit in camera view to adjust the wall. 


Stairs 8.23

Preview Attic Room, Attic Stairs, and Possible Skylight Location

Standing at Master Bedroom door, looking up at 3rd flight of stairs. 
Stairs have 14 rise of 7 11/1" and a run of 9 1/2"  
They are slightly more steep than the stairs from floor 1 to floor 2 but meet code. 
The 'newel' post you see runs all the way up from the first floor and serves as center support for all landings and stringers.
There is plenty of head room from tread top to bottom stairs. 

Standing in stairwell.  Attic room ceiling 108"  Doors standard size.  Top of windows 96"

Standing at west wall of attic.  Not enough room for skylight on rear roof.  Skylight on front roof facing east.

Skylight as seen from front of home.  Guessing on style of chimney and height.


An idea for the pink loft...

Because the headroom is limited on the side loft....

Extended the rear loft....


Stairs are just a 'fancy' ladder, but a bit more secure.  They are only 24" wide. 9" risers. 
Would not meet standard code requirements, but neither would a ladder. 
You will need to make security gate at the top of the ladder.
There is enough headroom in the loft at the top of the stairs/ladder.  An adult could climb up into the loft comfortably.

Storage behind knee-wall.  Walkway in front of storage is 36"

BTW.. the railings are PTC-12 on this website


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Original Version

Pitch Modification


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