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Terms and Conditions

When a client enters an agreement with 3DPlanView LLC, we retain certain rights and ownership to the work we produce.

3DPlanView produces and sells both stock 3D renderings and custom 3D renderings.  The right of use is different on these two types of renderings depending on the source of the floor plan. 

Stock 3D Renderings:
3DPlanView creates and sells pre-packaged 3D images based on a few selected popular on-line floor plans, such as APS-1911 and APS-1914.  The right of use for these 3D renderings is limited. 3DPlanView, as Licensor, grant the purchaser, as Licensee, the right to use the 3D images for their own private viewing.   The images on the DVD are copy protected and are licensed to the purchaser only.  They cannot be resold, copied, or reproduced by any means, including electronic capture.

Custom 3D Renderings:
3DPlanView creates 3D images based on a client's custom floor plan.  After full payment of fees, clients are granted unlimited use of these custom 3DPlanView created images.  The client may not alter or eliminate any 3DPlanView logos, small or large.  If 3DPlanView has produced the work as a subcontractor, the client may not suggest or imply that the 3DPlanView work was done by any person or group at the client's company.  The client company may instead refer to 3DPlanView as a 'freelance 3D artist' employed to assist in the creation of their project.

Images produced by 3DPlanView LLC remain the property of 3DPlanView LLC:  3DPlanView retains title and ownership of the 3D renderings it produces, both those that are created for stock plans and those that are created from a client's custom floor plan.   3DPlanView renderings, videos, and DVDs are protected under Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the United States Code and Chapter 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

3DPlanView LLC retains the right to display the images it has produced for you in our 3DPlanView portfolio and on 3DPlanView.com.  We will not display client's name, or company name, attached to the images in any way unless client request that we do so.

Unless Client negotiates otherwise, 3DPlanView generally watermarks client's 3Ds, (3DPlanView.com, or 3DPV) .  If 3DPlanView is doing work as a 3D artist subcontractor, "3DPV" will be placed on the client's work in small and unobtrusive location.  If a 3DPlanView watermark will not be acceptable, please inform 3DPlanView  before the quote process. 

Client's Property Protection: Client property such as floor plan designs, .dwgs, .pdfs and other proprietary assets will be treated as confidential copy written property of the client and protected as such.  3DPlanView will abide by all copyright laws both written and implied.  3DPlanview will not make copies, modify, or distribute 2D plans received from client.  2D plans provided to us will be destroyed or deleted 1 year after project's end.  The purpose for retaining your 2D plans for one year is to allow for additional client requested changes if the need occurs.  3DPlanView will destroy or delete the 2D plans at project close if client prefers.

NOTE FOR FELLOW CHIEF ARCHITECT DESIGNERS: 3DPlanView assist in the completion of fellow Chief Architect user's .PLAN files.  The client's edited and decorated .PLAN file will not usually be returned.  The agreement is generally for the purchase of the 3D renderings produced from the decorated and edited ..PLAN file. 

In some cases 3DPlanView is willing to negotiate the work contract to include the return of the .edited .PLAN file to the CA user.   The edited .PLAN file will contain its modified decor scheme such as added moldings, custom granite, flooring, wall textures, cabinetry, and ceiling treatments.  Those type of items are 'fixed' items and have been installed by 3DPlanView to complete and enhance the original .PLAN file.  These 'fixed' items, including any custom textures created for these items, will be returned to the client in the edited .PLAN form.  When an edited .PLAN file is returned to the CA client, the file will have all 'non-fixed' decor, symbols, and furnishings removed. All items or symbols that are non 'fixed'  are considered the intellectual property of 3DPlanView LLC and are not for sale.

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