Dollhouse 3D Floorplans

"Dollhouse" floorplan examples created for apartment complex webpage.


3DPlanView not only replicated the apartment walls, fixtures, and appliances-
we also replicated the furniture and decor so that the dollhouse views closely matched
the planned "model home" apartments that were not yet ready for viewing.


Flooring, windows, doors, cabinets, countertops and appliances were replicated using the client's photos.


Client wanted to show incoming students the items that would be in the dorm rooms when they arrived.
No other decor was added into the rooms so that the students would know exactly what they needed to bring. 


Dollhouse floorplans can be created with or without furniture.  Having no furniture is less expensive


Important Note:
3D models, when created for the purpose of making a "dollhouse" view 3D rendering,
are not detailed or complete enough to create quality eye-level 3D renderings.


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