California Contemporary

Family Room, Kitchen & Dining Area

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Sun Time - April 19 - 8:00 AM.
Sun, on the back of the sofa,
is from the stair windows!
High windows in the kitchen
will probably light the entry to the half bath.
Skylights in hall are also bright.
Master Bedroom patio cover
will block some of the morning sun,  but not all.
The wall section to the left of the photo
 is now a column.

Indoor Lighting

Original Art Work By:
Lynette Blake

Indoor Lighting
Wall Deleted

Indoor Lighting
Wall Deleted
Coffee Bar Added
Wine Storage Added

3 ft. Wall removed
White trim on windows and doors.
52x144 Dining Table - 10 dining chairs

144 inch Table
Under Stair Landing
6 feet.

April 19th 8:00AM
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