About 3D Replication or "Match" of Items and/or Materials

Items or materials in your 3D project can be chosen by 3DPlanView or chosen by the client. 
Below, the levels of "match" are listed from least expensive to most expensive. 

  1. No Match Unfurnished or Furnished - 3DPlanView Chooses Materials and Items For You
    When you do not wish to choose items such as paint, tile, roofing, siding, cabinets or countertops, light fixtures, appliances etc, 3DPlanView will choose them for you.  Materials such as tile, carpet, siding, stone, brick will be placed as blueprint indicates. A client may choose from these furniture collections

  2. Similar Match of Items and/or Materials
  3. Replication of Materials and/or Replication of Items


3DPlanView will replicate the items or materials as close as possible, but because of monitor differences there will always be some difference between "real" and digitally recreated. 

  • A Client should not totally depend on 3D renderings to make final choices for these types of items. 

  • Choices of building products and furnishings should always be made by viewing REAL products

  • For best results, view your product choices in lighting similar to where they are going to be used, either interior or exterior.

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