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Design Service
See alternate versions of your floor plan in 3D before you build!

Creating A 3D Virtual Tour of Your Home's Floor Plan - Before You Build!

When building a home, there are hundred and hundreds of details and decisions you must make.  You may have more than one idea for an area.  3D renderings of these areas will help you make a decision you are certain you will love. 

Click for an example of 3D renderings being used in a massive remodel of a historic home. 

3DPlanView worked with the owner/builder and developed changes listed below, and more!

Went from a one story to a 3 story
Changed wall and door placement
Developed door and window style
Decided upon molding locations and style
Created a number of new bathroom layouts
Created several new kitchen layouts
Refined details of built-in shelf units
Decided upon fireplace style and size
Developed critical structural changes
Decided upon various building materials
Chose locations and types of appliances and fixtures.

Any feature in your home can be shown to you in 3D!
We can show you renderings of your idea, or we can develop ideas and options for you!

Contact us for a quote.
Send us your floorplan and tell us about your project!

Example - Design Service - Side by side ideas for kitchen remodel in 3D:

Version 1

Version  2

Version  3

Version  4


Example - Design Service - Side by side ideas for a Master Bath remodel in 3D:

Original Master Bath Plan

Version 1

Version 2

3DPlanView LLC - Tour Before You Build!

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