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3DPlanView FAQs

Check our FAQs below.  If you don't find what you are looking for then please contact us and let us know what you think we need to add.  We appreciate your time in providing us feedback.

In what format are the 3D rendering projects delivered?    A Dropbox file share project folder will be created for each Client. 

All 3D Rendering products will be posted there for viewing. Zip folders of your renderings will be posted for  quick download. 

If you purchase a "Virtual Tour" you will also be given a link to a "Client Panel" where you can manage your tour. 

I have purchased a set of custom 3D renderings based on my own unique floor plan.  May I make copies of these images?  Yes.  Please view our terms and conditions page.  Since the project is of your personal, one of a kind blueprint, you may make copies and allow others to download the images. 

What is a Virtual Tour?   A presentation made from your 3D renderings.

What is an Interactive Virtual Tour?   A presentation made from your 3D renderings that also includes a dollhouse or bird's eye view floorplan.  The floorplan is formatted with "clickable" interactive arrows.  When you click an arrow, it takes you to that location where you can view the scene at eyelevel. 

Can a customer buy a 3D virtual tour  without a 3D rendering package?  No, virtual tours are made from 3D renderings.  3D renderings must be created first, then a tour can be made from them.

How long will a my 3D rendering project take?  That depends on the size of the project, the options ordered, and the case load at any given time.  Some projects, like a single exterior rendering is usually delivered in 10 days or less.  A full project with renderings interior and exterior can take several months.  The speed to delivery is greatly affected by how quickly a client responds to questions and the quality of information provided about your floorplan.

Who is responsible for sending the design details to 3DPlanView?  The client is responsible for making sure that 3DPlanView has all the materials (tiles, flooring, wall coverings, fabric etc.) in the form of .jpgs and or links to photos on the internet. These materials must be submitted in a timely fashion so that an accurate quote can be given.  View more information on images needed for custom materials.

Will a 3D rendering project take longer when many items and materials are being matched?  Yes, but the customization process can be stream-lined if the client submits required information and answers questions promptly.

I am confused about what I can and cannot see inside my 3D rendering project.  Can I have specific furniture or appliances installed into the 3Ds?
Yes.  Detailed information must be given to 3DPlanView so that we can replicate such objects.  Fee for these replications is bid item by item.

  • Example:  Client wants to see what that a particular hardwood floor will look like before he buys it. 

    • Client takes a photo of the hardwood floor (See instructions for photo here.)

    • 3DPlanView will use the client's photo to create a very authentic hardwood floor in the 3D renderings that will be a match to the product (given the limits of color shown by a monitor.)

Does 3DPlanView accept every job offered?  No.  3DPlanView only takes on the jobs that are a good fit for both 3DPlanView and the client. 

What makes a project a good match for 3DPlanView?  3DPlanView focuses on residential projects and small commercial projects, below 10 stories. 

How do I pay? 

Our standard procedure is to send a copy of your invoice via email.  The invoice will contain a link to an Intuit Payment Networks secure payment form.  Intuit Payment Networks manages our payment services.  

You do not have to be an Intuit Payment Networks account holder, or open an account to complete the transaction.  Check out our payment options for more info.

What is your privacy policy?  Visit our privacy policy description.

What other terms and conditions are involved in the 3DPlanView process? Visit our terms and conditions page.


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