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Pricing, Time to Delivery, Payment

A 3D rendering project can include eye-level 3D renderings, exterior 3D renderings, 360 panoramic renderings, and/or dollhouse renderings.  Each project is bid case by case. 

Factors that influence price:

  • Complexity of blueprint

  • Choice of draft or production renderings, production renderings take more time and add to project cost

  • Complexity of home's exterior elements such as beams, brackets, and roof pitch variations.

  • Complexity of home's interior features such as elaborate fireplace walls, niches, and other built-in items

  • Type of rooms shown in the 3D renderings (kitchens and baths are more complicated and are higher in price than other living spaces)

  • Number of 3D renderings and size of 3D rendering

  • Number of rooms and square footage shown in the 3D renderings

  • Number and complexity of real-world products that are to be replicated and used in the building

  • Creation of authentic surroundings using client's lot photos and other topographic information.

  • Formatting 3D renderings into various presentation media such as 360 views or virtual tours. 

  • Changes to original blueprint


Dollhouse floorplan starts at $500.00. 
Most dollhouse renderings cost less than $1200.00. 

A single Exterior 3D perspective rendering starts at $550.00.
Most Exterior 3D perspective renderings cost less than $1200.00
(Up to 4,000 square feet)

Projects that include interior eye-level 3D renderings start at $1500.00

3D projects that include dollhouse floorplan, multiple interior (in the room) renderings and an exterior rendering start at $2400.00.  Most projects that include dollhouse floorplan, multiple interior (in the room) renderings and an exterior rendering cost less than $9000,00

PRICE FOR FORMATTING RENDERINGS INTO PRESENTATIONS: (These presentations can only be made if client also purchases renderings mentioned in "Price Examples" section above.)

After the 3D renderings have been created, a client may choose to have their individual 3D renderings assembled into different presentation formats.  Each will add $300.00 to $400.00 to a project's total price.


A project's price is bid on client's requests and blueprints submitted at time of quote.  Changes made after initial entrance criteria has been established will more than likely incur a fee.  Changes generally cost between $15.00 to $150.00, but each change and their respective 3D renderings are bid case by case. 

Changes are billed as they occur.


After all needed information is submitted to 3DPlanView, most projects are completed in 2 weeks to 2 months.  

Depending on client load, a project may be placed in a wait queue and may not be started immediately.  Work cannot begin till all entrance criteria such as floorplans and building product choices are submitted.


A "Dropbox" file share folder will be created to post all 3Ds.

All renderings can be downloaded in original 1920x1080 format.

If virtual tour is purchased, additional download options will be included with the project.


Processed through Intuit Payment Network's secure form

E-check (preferred) and most major credit cards.

Link to IPN will be sent to client on an electronic invoice

Personal information is never shared with 3DPlanView

Down payment of 50% due at start of work.
(Projects over $6000 may be divided into 3 equal payments.)
Balance payment is due prior to delivery of non-watermarked renderings, and payment for  changes  are invoiced as they occur

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